Incense Candles "Rammstein"

Incense Candles "Rammstein"

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Incense candles with a scent blend specially developed for Rammstein by KNOX®. When stored in a dry place, the incense candles can be kept almost indefinitely without losing their fragrance.

Core elements of the fragrance blend:

  • charcoal and wood flour

  • smoky woods (cedar wood, sandalwood, juniper wood)

  • aromatic herbs (rosemary, juniper berries)

  • exotic resins (myrrh, olibanum, benzoin)

Further features:

  • suitable for incense smokers/houses from a size of 15 cm

  • 24 pieces in one package

  • Caution! become very hot, use only under supervision

  • not a toy!

  • not intended for consumption

Here you can see how the incense candles burn:

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